Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This side of the house...

Hello Beautiful!

Earlier this Spring, my husband laid sod on the side of our house. The weeds are gone, and the plants are slowly starting to fill in the landscape. 
Roses, potato vine, and lavender are growing wild here in Northern California. Purple blooms are just so pretty! I really want to plant some lavender roses in the fall for next season, the fragrance is incredible! 
The vine from the morning glories act as a tie for the linen napkins, with a few sprigs of lavender for a heavenly scent.
The copper colander was a thrift store find, one of my favorite finds...for a couple bucks! The netting on my daughter's grey desk is actually a curtain panel from Ikea. I can think of a lot of things to do with these beauties!

It was such a beautiful evening last night when I decided to take some pictures. I'm still learning how to use my new camera, and in the background, watching  from behind is my son Frankie, who I am very proud to say has completed his 8 years in the US Army!
He never said a word the entire time I'm setting this make-believe table and bringing in more flowers. Perhaps he thinks his mother has finally lost it!
he tries to figure some things out. Since he has moved back to California from Washington State, where the weather is cooler, and damper, Napa will be a nice transition. The weather there is cooler than here in the Valley where my house is, and lets face it! The wine country is simply breath taking!

 These are my favorite vintage dishes. I think I only have 4 or 5 or them but I'm always on the lookout  for more.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Cottage Windowbox

Hello Beautiful!

I made a new flowering windowbox for my cottage.

Perfect for enjoying an evening in the garden.

Enjoying our beautiful evenings here in Northern California.

And praying those affected by the hurricane in the East.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Drop Your Camera!

Hello Beautiful!

Do you like to mess around with your camera?
You know,
take pictures of yourself when no-one else is around? 

Well...I'm guilty. Actually this is my first time doing this and I can't believe I am showing you all!

The reason I decided take my own pictures is because the picture above is the type of picture my husband likes to take of me. The old "sneak up on you and catch you when you weren't expecting it, because you're in your boxers, and no make-up, staring at the computer" picture.

Julie Mae takes much nicer photograph's than her mimi does!

For that matter so does Cowboy Petey, my Rat Terrier.

A few weeks ago, I dropped my camera. Again. This is the third camera I have dropped and had to replace.
This time I tripped over the above mentioned Rat Terrier, and well....

So now I'm experimenting.

I don't believe I will ever have the fancy camera with the "big ol' lens on it.

But then again, the bigger cameras also come with a strap to go around your neck, don't they?

Thanks for stopping by! I'll probably continue taking pictures of the inside and outside of my house so I hope you check back to see if I've improved. And I promise..
No more self portraits!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Feature!

Hello Beautiful!

I'm honored that Houzz has featured my little milk house on their web-site!

Houzz is featuring home offices and mine is one that they are showing.

Thank you Houzz!

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Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara

Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara