Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wind or Sunshine, I don't mind!

Hi Beauties!

Our California weather has been a little on the wacky side. Two days ago it was 80*, we were in shorts and everyone was outside working in their yards and just enjoying the sunshine. 

The warmer temperatures seem to encourage all of us to lighten things up in our homes.

Lighter fabrics, cooler colors.

I love how the sunshine brightens up the room when I hang sheer curtains. In the evening I just pull down the shades!

But then yesterday mother nature surprised us with the sounds of howling winds and rain!

So instead of the shorts and flip-flops..
everyone seemed to flip-flop back to boots and jackets.

But do you think I'm complaining?

Absolutely not! The devastation caused by the tornadoes back East have put a whole different perspective on the term " crummy weather."

My heart breaks for all who were affected by the horrible disaster!

I pray that any of my new friends out there are all OK.

I don't understand why tragedy's  like this have to happen.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I hope you will come back soon! 

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  1. Marcia ...came here from Wow Us Wednesdays. Your vignettes are really beautiful. Love how you put things together. You have a charming blog and I am now following you!Look forward to seeing so much more here.

  2. Beautiful pictures, love your cottage home. I live about 10 minutes from where a tornado hit in Kentucky.. wed rove out there yesterday and it was horrific. But the one thing people are working together and people are gathering as a community!

  3. I love how you have decorated your old farm house. It's charming and warm feeling. I love old houses. Live in one myself, built in 1907

  4. What a beautiful home you have, Marcia. I love seeing pictures of it!

    Yes, the weather has been really strange here in the Midwest. The tornado's missed us but it has been windy and rainy for days. I am SO looking forward to a normal spring! :)


  5. Is that a negligee I spot discarded on the sofa there? Were you waiting for your honey when he got home all decked out in your Spring finery? Just askin....

    Your home is just gorgeous, Marcia. Very, very retty. We have had awfully weird weather here and I am so anxious for Spring to arrive. xo Diana

  6. I know how sad it is to see all of those people lose everything they own in just minutes.Blessings to them all!
    It was 60 here today and snow yesterday, spring for ya.Loving the sunshine though~Cheers& Blessings Kim

  7. Hi Marcia,

    thank for your sweet comment on my blog. I like it.....!

    Bey, Sylvia

  8. Your home is lovely. Everything is so nicely arranged. I especially love your fireplace with the little suitcase.

  9. Looking into a short ride to see how you have it. Here at home, there have been snow today .. hum. Wish you a nice evening hugs from Maria

  10. I couldn't agree more about the weather. We have been flip-flopping between hot and cold. today is in between. I cannot wait for spring and summer. Your home is so beautiful. Love all of the pastel colors. Have a great weekend!

  11. I LOVE your blog!! And the dishes on the table, the one on top in the middle. Don't know if you know but that is the Scio pattern by Hazel. (Scio Hazel) I have a complete huge set of them!! We use them for everyday and I just love them. I'm the only female here (2 sons, a hubby, boy dog, boy cat) so I have to force my girly things on them, lol!! Again, love your blog and your style!




Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara

Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara