Sunday, April 01, 2012

Spring Time at Vintage French Hen

Long time no see beauties!

It has been a while since my last blog post.
For the past few weeks I've been getting ready for the tea and fashion show at the school that I work for. This year I decided to help with the event by auctioning off a fully decorated table setting with a French theme. I worked for weeks on it; Dyeing vintage fabrics, hand stitching a vintage lamp shade, sewing a ruffle on a round table cloth, making cones for each place setting, purchasing plates, glasses, silverware, asking for donations to help with the costs....
And then on the morning of the event I woke up with a migraine caused by a sinus infection and couldn't even go! Thank goodness I set everything up with my daughter Sara's help the evening before. I didn't even get my own pictures!
My dearest friend in the world was gracious enough to take a few shots using her iPhone, so here's what I have to share.
I wish that the ruffle on the table cloth was visible. It was a couple of bed skirts that I altered and tea stained to sew onto the tablecloth. It turned out really cute, and was a very simple solution to a tablecloth that was damaged around the edges, but simple enough for even a girl like me with no sewing skills what-so-ever to do on her little Singer .
OK, so they aren't the clearest. But you get the idea...I hope.I was so disappointed to miss out on our fashion show. We had a "Paris" theme this year too!

I also wanted to share a few snap-shots of my little red house that's very slowly getting ready for the warmer Spring time season!

I don't know about all of you, but I am loving the lavender shades and "blue-hues" this year.

Must be the Rachel Ashwell influence!
My dog Cowboy loves him some good quality time in the front window gazing out at the birds and people walking by.
I think I've mentioned here before that our home is on a somewhat busy road surrounded by track houses. Our home was once a dairy, it's over 100 years old. But now that we are in the middle of town with a grocery store just a few doors down, we have many people who walk by every day! 
Cowboy loves it.
My cat Ricky could care less, he's only interested in the birds. 
We even had a couple of ducks in our yard a couple of days ago. My husband puts bird seed out everyday so word must be spreading!
So far, this is the extend of my Easter decorations. But I'm coloring eggs as I type.
I'll check back with you all in a few days, sorry this is long but I've just missed blogging so much!
Enjoy this coming week,
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  1. What a shame that you missed the event! I hope you are feeling better now. The pictures of your table are gorgeous...someone was a very lucky winner!

    Your home is so pretty and cozy, I love your style. I am a pastel girl, too! I can never have too much pink! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


  2. Hi Marcia! I am so sorry that you ended up with a sinus infection/migraine! How awful The decorations are just love though and just think of all the people that got to enjoy them because of your hard work.

    Love your house- It is prettier every time I see it..and it is nice to see you back here. xo Diana

  3. I am sure that your presence was felt with the beautiful table you created but sad for you. The table looked amazing.
    Love your home. So comfortable and COZY. I bet your home stands out amoung the others around you. Love the pictures you share.
    Feel better.

  4. Hi Marcia, I hope you are feeling better. Your pictures are so wonderful. I am in love with the tablescapes. Thank you for this wonderful post! I would love it if you would share this at our What’s It Wednesday blog party. Hope to see you there.


  5. The table you created is gorgeous! Photos of your home are lovely.
    Mary Alice

  6. The table turned out beautiful mama! I knew it would... You are SO amazingly creative. And the little red barn house is looking beautiful as well. Im loving the warm weather and flowers blooming.
    Love you (-;




Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara

Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara