Saturday, November 10, 2012

Creating Some Fun At Vintage French Hen


Time seems to fly by these days as I prepare for the holidays, babysit my grandchildren and try to run an on-line business!

Etsy is fun for me, a little slow going, but I am enjoying it. I think the hardest part is the photographs and detailing. At least to me it's the most time consuming part of it all.

I have also started to sell some of my items in a local shop here in my hometown, and I'm also creating more items to sell over the holidays for different upcoming hometown events.

So life has been busy but very, very fulfilling!

Julie Mae is growing like a weed...

And Raymond is so stinkin' precious!

So here are a few projects I've been working on....

A tee-pee for Jules,

Angel wings made from vintage lace to sell on Etsy,

Dream catchers,

Vintage clothing,


A little slip dyeing,

And lots of thrifting!

My sister-in-law Debbie gave my husband and I the beautiful chair pictured above. It belonged to her mother, Carmella. 
I adore this chair and will cherish it forever!

Oh, and I got a new puppy! 

 Meet Buster.
He's Chihuahua and Jack Russell? We love him. He's a hand-full, but we love him.

Thank you so much for stopping by. And if you have a chance, check out my Etsy! I will be posting more items next week for sale, but this weekend I'm on babysitting duty.
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  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Marcia. I am so glad you joined us today. We've missed you.

    And, just look how busy you have been. I love all of your wonderful creations. Of course, the most beautiful of all are those sweet little faces. Your granddaughter is going to love that teepee. I would have loved one, too.♥

  2. So much cuteness in this post. Can't believe how big Julia is. She looks adorable in those glasses. Vincent is so cute.
    Love the tippee and the wings. Looks like you are busy and having alot of fun.

  3. Wow! You have been a busy girl. I love that toddler outfit. That is really cute and those grands are just precious!!! Good luck with your Etsy shop- I understand they are lots of work! xo Diana

  4. You sound like mje - Etsy, grandkids, thinking about the holidays LOL! Your little grand babies are so cute! I have two as well - Jamison 5 and Abigail 2.5. They are the lights of my life! Love the items you've been working on - so pretty! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  5. Hi Marcia! love your pics hope you are having a great Sunday!!!! xo :)

  6. Hi ,
    my name is Michaela and I'm from Czech Republic, I came across your blog by accident when I was looking for a match from the RA and all look at him :-) It's very nice to you and I 'll go even farther to visit!
    Beautiful day! Vicky




Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara

Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara