Friday, March 08, 2013

A Dollhouse for Julie Mae

Ahhh, Spring!

This time of year puts me in creative mode. I've been checking out all the millions of ideas on Pinterest lately and have noticed that people are painting just about ANYTHING they can get there hands on! And why not?

When you have the items on hand and you also have a supply of acrylic paints, it's as easy as 1,2,3 to change the look of something that has been pushed to the back of a cupboard in a matter of minutes!

For example the items above are some duplicate milk glass vases I've had for a few years.I mixed some paint, let it dry and then added a coat of wax to it. The flower jar above is actually an enormous pickle jar (think Costco) that I covered with Mod Podge and a couple of napkins from a package of paper napkins from the Dollar Store. I just wrapped a piece of pretty ribbon around the lid. 
Easy-peasy Beauties!

Another Spring project I am really into right now is making crowns, and hair wreaths.

I've been scouring the area for vintage wedding hair pieces. Then I add vintage millinery, jewels, ribbon, lace...
It's so much fun!
After all, we are the queen of our homes, right?
Tiara's are another item I look for. They are so pretty! The one above belongs to my daughter from when she was Homecoming Queen in High School. I found it in my cedar chest.

Anyways, bring on the romantic lace, roses, and girly-girl foo-foo-ness!
I don't know if it's menopause or what. I can't seem to get enough of it!

This summer I will be taking on a huge project. 
A personal one.
 When my girls were little, as a Christmas gift my first husband made both of them their own doll house. This one is my daughter Maggie's.  It's just adorable and she got a lot of play time with it!
But it was never really finished.

The staircase railing is gone, the wallpaper needs to be finished, stairs are missing.
It was stored away in the barn for many years. But now that my granddaughter Julie mae is getting older I would like to finish for her.
In 1999, Julie Mae's grandpa was killed in a car accident.
I think that if he were alive today he would have wanted to finish it himself for her to play with and to pass down to her children as well.
I have been looking for dollhouse suppliers on line, and there are many. I wish I could locate this home however, so I can see if the pieces that are missing are available. If anyone knows anything about this dollhouse I would appreciate your input so much!
I have ordered some vintage wallpaper on Etsy, there's so much cute things that I will be able to decorate with, but it's the building supplies I'm in need of first.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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  1. That is a gorgeous dollhouse! I have no idea about finding parts for it but hopefully someone can help you. I'm sure your grand-daughter will get a lot of enjoyment out of it and how special that it was built by her grandpa:)

  2. What an undertaking, but it's one I'm hoping to take on soon, as our "baby" granddaughter is already 5! What a wonderful gift to pass on to Julie Mae! Good luck finding the parts you need; it'll be worth the effort! ~Zuni

  3. What lovely pinks and pretties you have shared today. Love this dollhouse!


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  5. What a cute doll house. Ebay has a lot of supplies also. I have my very own Victorian Doll House and I have pics of it on my side bar if you are interested. Did you check pinterest for Doll House pics?


  6. Etsy has gréât pièces that CAN fill that doll house with soul.

    Love your grace and beauty over here, I make dollhouse French opera théâtres they are in older postings as well as listed in my etsy on my side bar, you should come visit to see my little wonders.

    I will follow you as well.

  7. Oh, this doll house is wonderful. What a nice gift from your husband. My girl's grandpa made them a doll house when they were little. They enjoyed it for many years. I gave it away when they were older, and now I wish I still had it. Your doll house is such a treasure.

    Have a nice weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

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  9. Love your small house from girls-so cute!!!!

  10. I'm not positive, but the lazer cuts and printed windows make me think your dollhouse is perhaps made by the "Greenleaf'' company....i'm pretty sure it's not a ''real good toys'', because of the lazer cut method of how they come up with the different looks pretty common, and i should be able to find it easily in one of my magazines.....(i'm on the blogs and facebook under ''little susie's cottage'' too)...i have some vintage dollhouse magazines with articles and advertisements of dollhouse makers back to the 80's, and i will look through them and try to see if i can find your exact house, to determine what company makes it, and what model it your blog! i'm a new follower and looking through your posts.<3

  11. DURACRAFT (is the company); ALPINE (is the model).......

    I found your dollhouse for sale on Ebay!...the one on Ebay was made in 1991, and I'm not sure how many years it was on the market.....I'll put the link in this comment and hopefully it won't erase this comment when it sales....

    Duracraft (is the company), ALPINE(is the model)

  12. Duracraft (company), AL-200 Alpine (exact Alpine series model number) ...sorry, i didn't put the exact Alpine model # in my other comments, because i didn't realize Alpine was a series with numerous different models! lol....

    that link below is the phonto form that ebay ad, with the back of the box...."Hobby Builder's Supplies'' is a publication i used to get in the mail, and it had tons of dollhouses by all the popular makers, as well as replacement parts and parts you can buy to customize your maybe you could find replacement parts for your houses, if they are still in business or on the web........

    but at least we found the exact company and model for you, so know you know what to look for!......seems you may be able to find one complete undone house cheaper than buying a lot of individual replacement parts, BUT, you may like that catalog anyway, since it's full of tons of fun items, if they are still in business....i know they carried Duracraft dollhouses in the issues i have, but my issues are from like 2007....




Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara

Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara