Saturday, July 13, 2013

Where I create has a new look!

Welcome back. It has been months since I have posted anything, and I have really missed you all!

It has been a very very busy Spring and Summer here at the French Hen! I retired from my job, and had my Red House photographed by The Fabulous Fifi and her extremely talented photographer Mark. 
Here they are! What a thrill for me and my husband. They were so much fun! I feel truly humbled they photographed our home!
I will treasure this picture forever Fifi, so thank you!

The day flew by. In fact they ran out of time to photograph my little milk house. Well, that's OK! I knew that Where Blogger's Create was coming up so I photographed my little studio by myself. 
Please come in!
I have been collecting wedding dresses, veils, and pretty much anything associated with "wedding"  for a few years now. So I have turned my little cottage milk house into a sort of boudoir/creative space!
I hope you enjoy visiting my labor of love.

The canopy above the little bed was made from a large vintage lamp shade and a very long wedding veil. 

                                The dust ruffle on the bed was made from a wedding gown slip.

I'm having fun making hair-wreaths!
A beautiful satin gown and a bohemian style wedding dress hanging behind it were thrift store finds!

I'm also enjoy vintage lingerie. So much fun to dye and embellish!

sweet little tissue bag!
To the right is another vintage gown that my dear friend Karen sent me. She is such a doll! The vintage slips hanging are some that I have been working on, and the mannequin on the left is my newest purchase. I was so happy to find this!

The back door.

The French doors.

Once upon a time cows were milked in this tiny little space of mine!

Now it's my place of refuge. A place to play, relax and create!
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for Masterpiece Monday


  1. MARCIA MY DEAR! WOW....Now I've heard of your blog, and I may have crossed paths with you a while back, but it is so nice to see your visit this morning!

    I emailed Fifi a while back and I am hoping to send her photos of my home as well. Your darling little white space here is CAPTIVATING! Oh là là, for a French teacher like myself, I enjoy having a Frenchified space in my home as well. Your décor is stunning! So many thanks for coming by. Amusez-vous! Anita

  2. So lovely Marcia!! So much beautiful eye candy!! We should all have a space like yours! I spied part of a rosary with a heart, I can't say I've noticed that on Instagram before. Can you share with me where it's from? Thanks my dear, and your photos today are incredible! xo, Jacqueline

  3. So lovely Marcia!! So much beautiful eye candy!! We should all have a space like yours! I spied part of a rosary with a heart, I can't say I've noticed that on Instagram before. Can you share with me where it's from? Thanks my dear, and your photos today are incredible! xo, Jacqueline

  4. Hi Marcia,
    So excited for you and your home is going to look divinely inspiring to all us readers. Fifi and Mark have become our best friends we had the pleasure of again working with them in Santa Barbara for the wedding book shoot where my love signs and cages, French table numbers that are in my etsy along with other piece are in the book shoot, best of all my daughter 20 is playing the bride. I can't say enough about Fifi and Mark, when they shot my home it was heavenly we even shopped to getter out at my shop.

    I had the please of visiting with Sunday one of fifi's stylist/stager and her daughter as well as Marks son Taylor who entertained my daughter all day in laughter. This whole group is why Fifi's magazines and books are so successful and the keen eye Fifi has for beauty.

    Thank you so dearly for taking the time to visit, I am excited to get to know you so much better. By they way how did Fifi come to know about you? Was it through Courtney? I knew she was off to Northern Ca. Sacramento Ca. Is this where you live?
    Cannot wait to see what's to come of your grace and beauty on the pages of Fifi's magazines, along with Marks beautiful work in photography.

    Beautifully inspiring July



  5. Thanks for the tour of your sweet retreat! Love all the beauty! Must be so much fun to have this space! Just beautiful!

  6. I just love your romantic garden cottage studio Marcia! And how cool that Fifi and Marc came to photograph it! So exciting! :) Thank you also for your visit and your sweet comment about my studio! Hugs Carola

  7. This is an enchanting and romantic refuge. You must love to be here, creating and dreaming. Thank you for sharing.


  8. Congratulations on having Fifi and Mark photgrgraphing your home. You've got such a cute cottage milk house studio. It's a cozy and inviting place and your collection of vintage clothing is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Oh, I love your cottage. The French doors are gorgeous. What a gorgeous place to create. I have a cottage too. I would be thrilled if you came to visit. Congratulations on the photo shoot with Fifi and Mark. I love their magazines.

  10. Love, love, love, your little milk house. It is funny that I did not catch your post at the Where Bloggers Create party.

    This was my first year participating in the party and it was a great way to get organized.

    1. I signed up for the party when Karen announced the big event, but maybe it didn't go thru or something. I posted anyways though, because I wouldn't miss it! Thank you for the sweet comment.

  11. What a beautiful little cottage you have to work in! I love all of your vintage clothing and the lovely way in which you display it! Sue

  12. Hi, So nice to meet you and visit your adorable Milk House where you create and display all of your delightful vintage things. Thank you for sharing your charming and lovely space and for the tour.

    Congratulations on the photo shoot with Fifi and Mark - I found you on Fifi's blog and look forward to seeing your home in an upcoming issue. I had the pleasure of meeting the Fabulous Fifi and stylist Sunday Hendrickson a few years ago and was so honored that Mark and Sunday photographed my garden for a magazine.

    Have a lovely day creating.
    Blessings, Erin

  13. I love your sweet little milk house...just beautiful!

    Becky @ Vintage 541

  14. Awww Marcia-you have amazing home and you happy-Fifi in your house ♥♥♥ Love your blog!!!!

  15. Your little cottage is so pretty. What a great place to create!

  16. What a sweet little cottage you have. I love all of your vintage laces and lingerie! So sweet to decorate with. Congratulations on getting your home published. I will look for it in my magazines. This is my first year attending WBC and I hope you will visit me too. Happy creating!

  17. What a sweet little hide away to create and relax. So glad you shared it! It is dreamy!

  18. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
    Wow, it must have been an amazing moment having Fifi there :)
    Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  19. What a refreshing tour. Love your wedding focus. Jealous of your milk house cottage.


  20. What a lovely cottage! I can see why you'd love to spend as much time in there as possible. All the laces and gowns are really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  21. I enjoyed so much the tour of your adorable cottage! So many pretty things to admire. I love the veil over the bed and the use of vintage wedding pieces. Gorgeous!

  22. Very exciting!We share a similar name and are both in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA!Fifi and Mark have been to my house too!They do get around!Pop over to and let me know you stopped by!I would love that!

  23. Very pretty photos! I love the light colors and Shabby Chic look. It's so fun decorating isn't it?

    Please check out my blog which has a number of articles, etc. on a variety of topics including: "Women", "Self Esteem", "Self-Injury", "About Pornography", "Homosexuality", "God's word", and "The Importance of Family".

    Thank you so much! Have a lovely day.

  24. Wow, you have a lovely home :) I love the super feminine accents. Just got a new apartment and I'm excited about decorating but I don't know where to start. Please do an inspiration board for 1000 thread count flat sheet or bedroom style inspiration, thanks!

  25. I enjoyed spending time on your Blog. Your creative space is Beautiful!




Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara

Maggie our bride, with her brother Frankie and sister Sara